About Us


Medeks is a Surgical Sterile Suture Manufacturer Company that was established w ith % 100 Turkish Capital. Medeks w as accredited by the Szutest with EN ISO 13485:2016 Ouality management System Certificate for Medical Device Manufacturers.

Medeks has been producing high quality sterile surgical sutures according to USP and EP standarts at İstanbul based factory since 1984. Company has initially started to its production by Catgut and Silk sutures. Nowadays, company has enlarged its suture portofilo according to most needed sutures in surgical discipline w ith the aid of new investments.

Medeks aimed to produce reasonable priced products with high quality by cooperating with the profess’ıonal end users and analysing the recent customer needs.

Medeks is stili working progressively to gain a good share from suture market by improving its facilities and cooperating with mostly known co-suppliers through world.

Medeks is also continuing to develop its portofilo to satisfy the customer needs for recent behaviors by increasing the customer satisfaction and the quality of the last products.
ithalat ihracat mümessillih ticaret sanayi ve pazarlama anonim sirheti